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Former CBS Evening News Producer Tony Maciulis Joins Gzero Media as Head of Video

Posted by Stefano on Ottobre 30, 2020

Gzero Media

GZero Media has announced that award-winning journalist and digital video leader Tony Maciulis has joined the company as head of video. He will concurrently serve as executive producer of Gzero World with Ian Bremmer, a weekly foreign affairs program airing on public television and across digital platforms. In fact, he’s even building a moat between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. And the United States has its most important military base in the Gulf in Qatar, so we obviously don’t like to see that. Secondly, you have a war going on in Yemen, which has been discussed including by the United Nations as the worst potential humanitarian crisis in the world. The Saudis have been pursuing that war with their military equipment, but the Americans have been helping them and providing a lot of support, Intel, drones, you name it.

Gzero Media

And I didn’t, because it was pretty clear that the Occupy Wall Street Movement, right across the street from where we are right now, was not going to be around for very long. And I’m like, “Well, I can write this book and by the time it comes out, no one’s going to care.” And that was analytically correct, but it was a really bad reason not to write the book because of course these issues are getting worse. And this environment of us versus them is becoming weaponized both in our country and around the world.

Former CBS Evening News Producer Tony Maciulis Joins Gzero Media as Head of Video

Outside the U.S., investment products and services are provided by other Citigroup affiliates. Investment Management services are available through CGMI, CGA, Citibank, N.A. Neither Citigroup nor any of its affiliates provides tax or legal advice. CTV’s owner Bell Media said Solomon will continue to “report regularly” on Canadian politics and global affairs as a special correspondent for the network. Information contained in this podcast was obtained in part from publicly available sources, and not independently verified.

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A third-party browser plugin, such as Ghostery or NoScript, is preventing JavaScript from running. Additional information is available in this support article. And as you know, if you’re in a position like that, the single most valuable thing that you can offer, it’s not money, it’s not power, it’s time. That these are people everyone is trying to just get it on their schedule. And so if you make sure that every single time you https://wave-accounting.net/ meet with them, whether it’s for 10 minutes or an hour, that they’re getting value from that, irrespective of whether you get no value at all, that’s the most important thing you do. And I think that that was a lesson that I learned early on from people like Frank Wisner and Teddy Roosevelt IV, and even from people like Tim Hansbury back when I was a high schooler, traveling into Boston as part of my junior achievement.

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When I started the country, I was probably one of the best analysts on Kazakhstan. Very few people, but I would’ve been able to tell you who the best locals were in Kazakhstan. Well, one early one was later in August, 1998 when the Russians defaulted and devalued the fact that I had a pretty strong sense of why that was a possibility politically.

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Posted: Fri, 07 Oct 2022 21:06:35 GMT [source]

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And it’s going to take some time before we figure out what the next order is, and he’s not admitting that. So then I thought to myself, G-Zero, that’s cool. Let me look up who else has been talking about that. Just the fact that there was such an environment out there.

Putin cornered – GZERO Media

Putin cornered.

Posted: Thu, 22 Sep 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

And we do not want them to do either of those two things. And now that Mohammed bin Salman is under all this pressure, they have invited the catteries to a Golf Cooperation Council meeting in Saudi Arabia.

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Well-functioning markets play a critical role in advancing economies and create opportunities for those who build them. And we innovate to ensure our markets serve the world every step of the way. When you turn on a light switch, we help ensure that energy is priced efficiently.

Gzero Media

And by the way, when I say they’ve been lied to for decades, I don’t just mean by Israelis or Americans or the UN or the Europeans promising boycotts or the Saudis or the Egyptians saying they’re going to help them. I mean even by their own government, their own Palestinian authority that hasn’t gotten it done for them. And so I think that if you are Palestinian and you see an Israeli Defense Force member, you throw a rock not because you think it’s going to make your life better.

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Staten Island’s been the red beacon in Blue New York, and Democrats managed to turn it Blue. Number four, who else should receive the medal of freedom award from president Donald Trump? I’d say he’ll give it to a toaster oven, which is done about as much or probably much more for America than Miriam Adelson, the wife of the GOP mega donor, who Trump gave the medal of freedom to. All right, that’s your US politics in just 60 seconds.

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That was eventually the structure for a book that came out a year and a half later. And I just wanted to get it out there, have people start talking about it. And I can’t stand it when really smart people use a platform to spin a story, to be ideological, to analytically deceive folks. He didn’t even get the right number that the G20 isn’t working, but he picked the two, as opposed to what it really is, the zero, that there isn’t leadership there increasingly is an absence of global leadership. We’re going through this unusual vacuum that post American order, and no one runs it.

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