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Common DevOps Roles and Responsibilities

Posted by Stefano on Luglio 6, 2022

Without a DevOps approach, there are often problems between releasing new features and stability. In a DevOps environment, on the contrary, the entire team is responsible for delivering both new features and stability. Thanks to the surefire mix of a shared codebase, CI, test-based methods, and automated tools, it is easier to find defects earlier in the process.

devops structure

And, the IT team is better at directing the developers and testing throughout the development lifecycle to ensure more reliable releases. At the core of DevOps, you’re simply improving the way your team works throughout the software development lifecycle andincident managementprocess. DevOps is system agnostic – it doesn’t matter whether you’re working with AWS, GCP, on-premises IT infrastructure, or you’re a backend or frontend engineer. From application deployment to production support, DevOps plays a role in combining agile methodology with practical IT principles.

The Development Pipeline

Everyone has a full roster all the time and there’s little downtime between projects. The result is more meetings to properly share the knowledge found inside the team to avoid any miscommunication. Continuous Delivery promises to deliver more business value by bringing features in shorter lead time. It presents the golden ideal for business owners who are looking to do more for their customers, faster.

devops structure

Operators provide infrastructure tools, automations, and observability tools to developers to ensure they are able to debug, fix, and deploy hosted applications quickly. It provides a service to its customers, in most cases, they are the local development team, but can be broader teams such as quality, leadership, and then consuming teams that consume the Software. Where operations people have been fully embedded within product development teams, we see a Type 2 topology. There is so little separation between Dev and Ops that all people are highly focused on a shared purpose; this is arguable a form of Type 1, but it has some special features. The entire DevOps team oversees application and infrastructure planning, testing and development.


Define common goals and encourage everyone to be open to new responsibilities and ongoing learning as you begin your experiment. As a development intern at a medium-sized company, he had noticed the technician moving slowly from computer to computer. The systems administrator was installing a security patch on each machine, individually. Manual testing is carried out by a person sitting in front of the computer who carefully performs the tests.

The DevOps team is responsible for exposing blind spots in their applications and infrastructure, and then figuring out how they can monitor those services. With more exposure and collaboration across all aspects of the software delivery lifecycle, you’ll inherently start to build more transparent workflows. And, when your team can easily see what’s happening in production and during development, they can notice more problems before they occur.

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There is something about those terms that give a sense of team and unity. Teams that play for each other and or teams that fight for each other generally strive for success and are willing to put themselves at risk for the greater good. I would like to consider the Squad/Tribe as one, as my family in some regards. The following are some side notes and what I really think adds to what makes a good DevOps team. It’s not all about the players, but sometimes about what the team stands for.

Does AWS DevOps need coding?

The container is independent of the resources or architecture of the host on which it runs. Based on staff size, the DevOps engineer may also be in charge of coordinating other engineers. We likely all know this topology is bad, but I think there are actually worse topologies; at least with Anti-Type A , we know there is a problem. I have added here three additional ‘topologies’ which I’ve not seen or heard discussed much (Shared Ops, DevOps-as-a-Service, and Temp DevOps Team). The book goes significantly beyond the DevOps Topologies material to cover team interaction patterns, Conway’s Law, cognitive load, and dynamic organization evolution. There are two main reasons why it’s often hard to structure a DevOps team.

  • Continuous integration involves merging code from multiple development teams into one source code repository.
  • Keep in mind, the team structures below take different forms depending on the size and maturity of a company.
  • Another major consideration in integrating DevOps in software development is automation.
  • A monolithic architecture is a single-tiered, traditional, unified architecture for designing a software application.
  • Feel free tocontact IT Outpostsif your company needs better enterprise alignment in DevOps.
  • This cost is usually well worth the investment, as at this scale, skipping DevOps would mean you’d be spending a lot more on things like toil, security risks, service downtime, and even employee rotation.

The XA professional should be adept at providing suggestions and solutions to improve and enhance productivity. One of the most important responsibilities of the QA specialists is to guarantee that the built product is up to the company’s quality standards. These detail-oriented specialists are also in charge of the building and implementation of inspection activities along with the apprehension and resolution of defects. Release managers are responsible for managing, planning, scheduling, and controlling the software dev process through different phases and environments.

Apply CI/CD tools for infrastructure automation

A drive for continuous improvement will be at the core of any efficient DevOps organization. Every person in a DevOps-centric organization should be highly focused on developing new features and services quickly without sacrificing reliability or customer experience. To take control of their backlogs, engineering managers have to understand how work flows through their organization. In The Phoenix Project, the team creates a “Kanban board” using index cards which organizes all of their ongoing projects—from request to completion. Today, most companies use virtual dashboards to manage requests, prioritize tasks, and track their projects. DevOps also emphasizes experimentation and creativity, using short software development cycles to deploy many small, frequent updates instead of a few large ones.

The DevOps Team Silo (Anti-Type B) typically results from a manager or exec deciding that they “need a bit of this DevOps thing” and starting a ‘DevOps team’ (probably full of people known as ‘a DevOp‘). This strategy will cost more and will lead to a larger overall IT organization, which is why it tends to work better for enterprises than for SMBs. The trade-off for the high investment that this model demands is organizations get a team that makes DevOps its sole priority. The second is that structuring devops organization structure your DevOps team in the wrong way can cause long-lasting problems. For example, a DevOps team that includes every engineer in your business may be so large that team members cannot communicate effectively, which undercuts the collaboration that is a key goal of DevOps. On the other hand, a DevOps team that is too small may leave your business overly dependent on a handful of key employees to handle DevOps work, creating issues when those employees leave or are temporarily unavailable.

The company just launched a year ago, but they have paying customers using the product in a proof of concept scenario. With 22 employees already, Einy says that diversity is a big priority for the company. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. There’s a constant need to go through form, norm, storm, and perform as part of the team lifecycle. When a project wraps, some portion of each team member’s hours are released back into the pool and they’re once again “available” to work on a new project.

devops structure

All this allows devs to check for updates more thoroughly and identify possible problems in advance. Unlike legacy on-premise solutions, the cloud environment makes it easy and cost-effective to automate the creation and replication of multiple test environments. Nowadays, you will likely fail without automating your infrastructure, as apps can be deployed into production bazillion times per week.


The idea that siloed organizations have quite negative consequences and may distance people from the organizations’ core purpose is not new, but DevOps aims to undo the effects of such structures. Decipher Zone is a Java development company working in Java, Crypto, Blockchain, web app development and other new-fangled technologies. Collaborate with us as partners to relish stupendous customer support. Deployment pipelines ensure that all changes to code and configuration are automated, traceable, and repeatable.

FemTech companies are focused on fertility, pregnancy, and maternal health, however that scenario should change in the next 5 to 10 years . Infrastructure automating tools like Chef or Kubernetes are combined with CI/CD tools like Jenkins for effective structure handling and programming deployment. Containerization made possible, with such a tool as Docker, streamlines the process of creating packaging, distributing, and using software on any platform. All components needed to run an application are packaged as a single image and can be reused.

That will cause engineers to need to go get the context of the feature once again, refresh code with recent changes, restart work, and then provide a fix. What he meant was that the structure of the organization impacts how people work. Large teams resulted in a design by committee approach that resulted in a final product that strayed too far from the original goal. This ensures https://globalcloudteam.com/ that the application only interacts with the resources concerned with the environment in which it runs. The configuration files are created where the configuration external to the application is separated from the source code. The configuration file can be written while deployment or they can be loaded at the run time depending on the environment in which it is running.

Folder structure for Azure DevOps repositories

The critical aspect of the process is the path to get to your final organisation structure. In conjunction with DBA, the software architect provides a database structure that meets all the prerequisites of a quality project. It is also helpful in tracking the system accurately so that the health of the application also can be checked. The monitoring becomes easier with services where the log data may get monitored through many third-party tools like Splunk. With the Development and Operations team in sync, it helps in organizing the work to plan accordingly so as to increase productivity. With automation, human errors can be minimized, frees developers to focus on other crucial tasks, and saves a lot of time spent on repetitive manual tasks.

Silo, teams organized around skillset – The technology team

How you configure your team depends on several factors, including the size of your engineering department, your product offering, and your organizational maturity. Fundamentally, DevOps is about managing the flow of engineering work, from the earliest phases of software design to implementation and maintenance—this is known as the development pipeline. Like the sales pipeline, the development pipeline acts to ensure a consistent flow of work, minimizing inefficiencies and preventing bottlenecks, which cause spikes of high stress interspersed by periods of boredom. In parallel to these new approaches, advances in technology created an environment in which collaboration, systematization, and automation could thrive. In particular, cloud computing allowed companies to efficiently manage their servers through virtual, rather than physical, networks. At its core, DevOps is about streamlining engineering processes in order to improve business outcomes.

Benefits of AWS CodeStar

During that time, he’s tried to understand everything that’s required to deliver high quality, valuable software. Today, that means using cloud services, microservices techniques, container technologies. The DevOps group has to wade into both the development and the operations world. They have to be aware of what’s going on at a high level to ensure that things are running smoothly.

Probably the most popular approach to building a DevOps team is to “embed” the DevOps team within a larger team. The larger team is usually either the software development or IT operations team. We know it takes people with a diversity of perspectives, ideas, and culture to make our company succeed. We are committed to building a community of belonging and meaningful connections. Likewise, we also believe that hiring the best talent will lead to the creation of better products and services. For large-scale organizations, it is important to align enterprise architecture and DevOps.

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